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I hate my face

September 20, 2011

I hate my face

my ears look

as though

they were borrowed

from Dumbo

the elephant

and never



My cheeks are puffy

and lack visible

bone structure

no matter how much fat

I lose



My eyes are alright

but nobody knows that


when I’m not wearing glasses,

I’m usually squinting.


there is nothing wrong with

my nose

but nothing right




my hair

is as boring

as a long lecture

on the physical proberties

of Boron


by Ben Stein.

I wish my hair

were anything

other than

what it is.

but don’t we all?


I was once told

that my body

was a nine

out of ten

and my face

was a six.


How kind of her

the girl who told me,

that is.

she likes

the part of me

which can be easily


but she does not



the part

which will remain


until it decides

to get



Lucky me.


From → poetry

One Comment
  1. wastelandexplorer permalink

    This made me remember a poem from long ago I heard.

    I know I’m not handsome, I am no movie star
    My face I don’t mind it, for I am behind it,
    it’s the people in front that I jar.

    Good somber poem though.

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