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the big deal

September 20, 2011

I walk down the street

and smell the urine

some fresh

some stale

but none of it really adds

to the overall feel

of the place.

Nevertheless – I did not come expecting febreeze and fresh flowers

I should be somewhat worried

not because of the ethnicity of the local residents

but due to their reputation.

I would not be the first person

I know

to see a gun

in his immediate proximity

and by immediate, I mean

up to his head.

For all of the potential trouble

I could find

or create

I really ought to find a better way

to get what I need.


there is nowhere else

at least

nowhere close to me

with such a smorgasboard

of pills

and pot


Ladies and gentlemen

I am proud to present

the leading lady of today’s production

I give you:


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