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Some Asshole is using Charles Bukowski’s Name for Blog Publicity

September 26, 2011

This is one suave motherfucker right here.I’m not sure what
the actual content
of this person’s site

I didn’t read
of it.

But I can’t help but notice
that every single post
she makes
includes the name
Charles Bukowski
in the body of the post
as well as the tags.

I guess she figures
that Charles Bukowski
is a good keyword
to get hits
on her blog.

What a bitch.
Misusing his name like that.

Then again
she was on the first page
of google’s search results
for the phrase
“poetry blog wordpress”

So obviously
despite the moral fortitude
of her blog
she has found
a means
of generating traffic

that actually

I think
I’ll steal
her idea
for this post


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