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Hiatus time

October 10, 2011

Sorry to be the Bear of Bad News, imaginary reader who likes my writing, but I’m going to be taking a break. As a sufferer of Bipolar disorder, I often find that my interests can be driven by a quite extreme passion, only to die out shortly thereafter. As such, I don’t see myself doing much posting in the next month or more. However, I have cycled through interests in writing more than once before, and the interest always seems to come back eventually. So, if you like my stuff, I urge you to subscribe – you’ll probably get an email in a few months advertising new posts in great quantity. Thank you to all of my supporters!

  1. wastelandexplorer permalink

    I’ll be waiting.

  2. Alexandria permalink

    Just found your page today. Sad to see it’s only been one day.

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